ocean Natural Resource Governance

 “How society responds to global environmental change and adapts into the future will be a key determinant impacting on the nature and manner in which we use marine natural resources.”NZ EEZ Effects-based Management

Communication is key to good governance and development of a collaborative strategy for the management of Exclusive Economic Zone marine natural resources. We leverage our Australian experience to provide an overview of the link between consultation and good governance in developing a collaborative strategy for management of the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone. 

We compare information and consultation requirements under the regulatory system in Australia for offshore petroleum developments under the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) with those in New Zealand. We also examine its implications for the further development of other industries such as fisheries and aquaculture and marine renewables. To overcome the perception of environmental uncertainty in the development of both onshore and offshore marine natural resources, possible solutions are highlighted: 

Oceans Governance

  • Building trust between stakeholders, which is key to developing workable regulations under EEZ legislation
  • Providing for scope within EEZ legislation to move towards objectives-based regulation and a focus on environmental outcomes
  • Stakeholder participation will help to guide regulatory revision, and develop a more pragmatic interpretation of a regulatory framework.