Underfishing or Buffer to a Global Seafood Crisis

Drawing the line looks into Australian fisheries management and the lives of those that make a living from the sea. In a time of global seafood crisis the Australian seafood industry has moved from being unsustainable to one of the best managed in the world. Is it now under fished or is it a buffer to a pending global crisis in food security?

Link: http://www.drawingthelinefilm.com/#!home/mainPage


Drawing The Line is a classic fish out of water story. A heartfelt tale about Australia’s oceans and the men and women that depend upon it for their livelihood. The ocean is a fickle mistress, friend one-day foe the next, but in 2013 the Australian Fishing Industry faces a threat that is far greater than any they immediately face at sea.In 2014 Australia is to implement the world’s largest marine reserves network. But in doing so the Australian Government turned its back on the science and an industry that is a world leader in responsible fishing and environmental practices.Drawing The Line is the tale of larger than life characters that are in a fight for the survival of their rapidly contracting industry. A story of champions working for the betterment of the environment and a country that has turned it back on them.

via ▶ Drawing The Line (2013) – Promo #2 [HD] – YouTube.

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